Week 2 – Newsletter for August 11-17.

Week 2 – Newsletter for August 11-17.

This week at Otomi Martial Arts | CTA Colorado | Caio Terra Association Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is off to a great start after this weekend trip to our sister school Ultimate Combat Training Center in Salt Lake City Utah.  Professor Vitor Paschoal was the featured guest for a grappling seminar covering a DLR entry to some pretty slick transitions as well as sweeps and back takes. 

Fitness Kickboxing will be keeping their focus on combos 3 and 4 with lots of kicks.  The hard works is already showing, and we are excited to see how much better we get this month with our additional kicking.  We will also be adding some knees and elbows to the mix for good measure.

The youth BJJ program will be focusing on the mount: frame, hip escape trapping the leg, and Ezequiel.  All of these techniques will be flowing from the focus on jiu jitsu throws we had last week.

The adult BJJ program is focusing on module 2!  I would highly encourage everyone to view the lessons first on the website to better aid your learning.

Lastly, the week will be closing with Professor Caio Terra teaching a seminar in Oklahoma City at The Summit Martial Arts | CTA Oklahoma City.  Cost to attend/register is $75 for adults and $40 for kids for anyone that may still want to make the trip to the great state of Oklahoma.

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