Lesson Plans and Academies News May 20, 2020!

Lesson Plans and Academies News May 20, 2020!

Today’s virtual and in personal training lesson plan for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate for Otomi Martial Arts, CTA Colorado and Avenge BJJ. Please make sure to visit www.caioterra.com and study the lesson plan before your class!

Youth BJJ Program:

Half Guard Top

  • Removing the shin shield
  • Tripod to quarter mount
  • Tripod pass pushing the knee
  • Tripod pass using both hooks

Adult BJJ Program:


  • Armlock
  • Armlock defense
  • Armlock – breaking grips


Heian Sandan Kata 

In other academy news, we are eagerly awaiting the Governors and Tri County HD decisions and guidelines for opening of our facilities for classes beyond the current restrictions in place.  Please stay tuned and thank you all for you continued support.

Caio Terra Academy, Aurora, is one of Colorado's premier martial arts academies specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With programs for men, women and children of all abilities and skill levels, we invite you to come check us out and see all we have to offer. With over 2000sf of the best equipment and mats you’ll find anywhere, we ensure that you and your family will have a safe, fun experience every time! Please come by for a free, 3 day, no obligation trial! We are located at: 16744 E. Iliff Ave, Aurora, Colorado 80013